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8 Sep 2020
Hi, is there any list of banned words?
I know that insults are banned, but I just got killed for word "Hamburg".
This isn't insult.
It's a name of the fuckin city!!!!

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28 Jun 2020
Hello Jeff,

It's not really working like this.

First, they are some short words that are in the blacklist. This may explain why while wrting some normal words, you can be warn. Like Saturday for example. I'll be clearer : in some words, there are parts of some other forbidden words, from various countries. So even if the word you wanted to wrote is not in the blacklist, a part in this word is, so you get a warn for it.

Yes, I agree, this is stupid. But the problem is that the language filter can not make the difference between both, so both are auto punished. In that case, if some admin(s) is/are online, you can ask them to reset your whole language violation history because you were not insulting/moaning/salty against anyone. "Player X now has a clean jacket." To check if an admin is online, use !admins (with the s) in the chat.

Secondly, another important thing, there is an automatic punishment scale. It means you are not going to be killed the first time you will use a forbiden word.

First you will get one, two, three warns, or four. I don't remember well the exact number of times, but it's three minimum for sure. So if you keep using these kind of agressive words, then the console will start to kill you, once, two, three, times, here same, I don't remember exactly the number of times. Then you will have an autokick. And if you come back and keep using these words, then you will have an automatic temporary ban.

What I want to mean is yes, sometimes you can be warned for nothing because I explained you the language filter is a bit strict and doesn't take into account the context. Then, ask admins to clear your language violation history.

But, if you say that you were autokilled by the console, it also means that you used forbidden words not only once, but many times. So it's not only the language filter's fault, which is doing his job.

I checked your chatlog and I understood : I think you will agree with me, sometimes, you are a bit salty lol, this may explain why the console killed you, because you used to write forbidden words. So you are already at a certain point in the punishment scale.

And finally, yes, there are banned words : N words. Racism is not tolerated at any time. So by using them you get an automatic permanent ban, even variations of spelling. All the other words are not banned words, just forbidden words which are all working with the automatic punishment scale I described previously.

So I will answer you : don't worry, if you are not disrespectful against anyone, we will reset your history, it happens every single day, really. We pay attention to reset players when they are just chilling to be fair with the language violation filter. We also regularly check chatlogs and take actions. It also means that when you are disrespectful against another player, we are not going to reset your language violation history, because there is an automatic punishement scale doing his job correctly this time. Do you see what I mean ?

I hope I answered you as much as needed and if not, try to ask @lakaelo , he is a bit lazy but he will be able to answer you better than me on this subject. (y)

I will reset your language violation history for this time, but now, you know how it is working! So careful in the choice of your words. ;)

See you on the battlefield Jeff! :D
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15 Mar 2012
lol jeff, just looked at the chat log...and you can do the same because its open for all. ;-)

you got not punished for "hamburg" instead of you said "get skill". that is on our blacklist because its always a bit arrogant and condescending to say to someone to "get skill".
22:39 Sep 14, 2020 JEFF_GAMEL Hamburg, get skill

but it is like bona said, no big deal, the punishment counter will be autoreset after some time. also its sometimes a bit funny that you get punished for some not "so insulting" words like "get skill". maybe i agree with that but it shall work like "stop the beginning of any insult". so you got a warning and can think about if this words are really needed. normaly not. i guess you know the experiance from ingamechat in bf1 or bf5 and there is always a salty toxic chat with many insults. thats the point of our language nanny, its shows any player that we don´t like that and that is also not necessary to do so and use the chat just for normal conversation.


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19 Jun 2019
Just my two cents:
Instead of flaming your team with "IDIOT TEAM CAP FLAGS" why don't you write something more constructive like "Team, let's rush D together. We need this flag"? They will certainly learn more from tips and commands than from telling them that they're all idiotic noobs.


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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Most admins will proactively reset someone if they see a punishment or warning has been issued for something that has no intent to be abusive. When playing though, it is not always possible to monitor chat all the time so it is possible for violations to build up resulting in automatic actions kicking in. There should be suff warnings before that happens.