Banned sigh...really tired.


New Member
5 Feb 2014
Game: Cod4
Alias: Hanny or Hananiah
Reason: None at all. Right after I said I was "black" I was kicked from the server a round later by Pool, I reconnected and he was gone. Or it could be that or because I was 2nd top fragger? Next time don't asume someone to be cheating when that person might have been playing for at least 2 years and developed some sort of skill brain smart. PBSS use it, it's a good tool.
Banning Admin: Probably Pool, I wanted to connect today but I cant as it says "You have been permanantly banned from the server."
Why I think I should be Unbanned: Well I mean I dont cheat pbss me next time. That's all have a nice day ;)

Banned Issued: Yesterday or maybe today?
Another Admin/Member: Was a guy name Zipzap or something all I remember was that he had a (Z) in his name.
Other Alias: Hanny, Hanny @ Music, {THG} Hanny, Hananiah, HannyYER.


Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Look m8... yur banned from COD get some battlefield games into ya !