Banned on BF2 "Noobs R Us No Fly Zone"


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25 Feb 2014
Hi there,

today at 22:50 UTC+1 I got banned from the named server for "Cheater banned GUID". - the Nick is: Nebukadnezar_V
I had like 35 Kills : 6 Deaths or something - It was a nice round for me but im definetely not a cheater. I've never cheated and never will.

About that GUID:
The GUID I'm playing on has never been banned and is listed nowhere. Not at GGC nor anywhere else. I've played on this GUID like 99,99% of my time.

However, I sometimes played on my friend's computers (and so on theirs GUIDs) and it might be possible, that some of those (or others, who played on their computers) have been cheating or have been listed on GGC/PB.
But this does not affect my GUID or my Account.

As I already said: Im not a cheater, I have never cheated. Nobody has ever cheated on my account and also nobody has ever cheated on my GUID. In my opinion, this is what matters. If I play on a friends GUID and someone else cheats on this GUID, I can't do anything about it.

So I would highly appreciate, if you would remove my ban. The BF2 community is getting smaller every day and banning honest players does not help it ;)

Greetings from Germany



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15 Mar 2012
gods country "scotland"
thanks for coming on to teamspeak and being do polite about the ban mate,one of the head admin will do a quick check "prob tomoz now" and post as soon as they can

fingers crossed we get it sorted out for you


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5 Feb 2013
thats the reason:


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25 Feb 2014
OK. I exspected this to be the "reason".
That's why I already explained, what could have been the reason for this.

But if you track this down a bit futher, you should find out 2 things:
1) The Alias that lead to this ban was NOT mine.
2) The GUID stated there is also NOT mine.

I think it was how I initially said: I played on some on my friends' PC, so my Account got connected to their GUID, then some of them or even other friends of them did something wrong and got banned.
I did nothring wrong. My current GUID - which always was my real GUID - is clean.

If your rules clearly say: Evenyone with "banned GUID" is a cheater - OK. Then I can't to anything futher.

But I kindly request you to rethink this. I'm an honest and usually friendly BF2-Player and me and my friends would like to keep playing on your Server. There are not many servers left and especially not many, which are as nice as yours.



PS: Warum schreib ich eigentlich englisch, wenn du deutsch bist? ....


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16 Oct 2012
you write english ;) because its an english clan and its the only language every admin can understand (most of them ;) except the scotsmen )

In general we only stream the bans of pbbans - this is not our local banlist - you have to appeal to pbbans if i understood it right...

But wait for some of the heeds to answer, we already had a lot of guys with wrong bans because of antivirus programs and stuff like that.........

so i wish you good luck ;) and things will get sorted one or the other way ;)


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25 Feb 2014
The Problem is not pbbans. My GUID im playing on is clean.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my case ;)
I can't see as deep through PBBans since I'm not an Server-Owner, but here is, what i've found:
This appears to be the Ban you see, if you search for my Alias. But if you look at the Alias stated there, it's not mine.
I don't know anyone with the Name "Hollow" or "cool338", nor have I ever played Battlefield in or near "Düsseldorf".
I have no clue, how my Alias got in connection with this ban. Maybe I'll ask PBBans about that.


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so i had a look into your account.

as you said before your actual guid is not banned but also linked/ connected to that banned one.

how you can see in that pics there are some similar names in both guids.

this means that both accounts are a lot closer together as only "played once on a friends pc" or "a friend played on my pc".
even if you compare how many similar ip´s linked to both accounts that used a longer time to get all that different ip´s.


however, the fact is that you got a linked ban and beside that we wan´t have players with linked bans on our server and so the ban will stay. if you got more info from pbbans or even they clear that in any case the ban is not linked anymore you can give us a info and we can lift that too.

at the moment i am sorry but the ban will stay.