Banned. Hack suspected...


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27 Jun 2014
Warszawa, Poland
30 minutes ago some "roy" ban me for hack...:) This is ridiculous...
Abuses players racist remarks. Who is this guy?
I play every day, everybody knows me. I play according to the rules and never cheat! I play for a year, but this guy I saw for the first time! My game is pure, never used hacks. I do not know how ... :)

Can you unban me?


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20 Oct 2012
Too paranoid to tell it :P
Laka said you are ok and im not gay so have fun until you get busted and your butt is trilled. :D (
:) LOL HIHI HÄHÄ MITÄLIE HAHA (Dear Heeds dont take me drunk too seriously LOL)


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15 Mar 2012
Hello Dildo !!

We have played more often than you can remember probably !

I talked in the restricted area about it

it was just a doubt from my pov

i want to appoligize it was a bad mistake of me !

but i can assure you i banned many many many fucked up players and also made some mistakes with doubtfull players

i am an nru for over 4 years i believe

many have hated me in the past while i am a little bit rough on kicks an bans

but i have seen alot ..... veryyyyy much .....
you cant even immagine

like i said
i have played with you more often

i also said to the heads ... you whre a just good players always and nothing suspiciour or so

ontill yesterday
from my pov i had some doubts
than i talked on ts to an other admin he eas lik 40 % on my site
than i must decide

while i never used the battle recorder before i hed to dicide on stommach feelings ....
noe is was wrong :( i am sory for you mate

i hope youll enjoy the noobs server
the server where we work on a fair clean game
a server with a lot of teabagging cocks

enjoy !!!!


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2 May 2012
I am glad that things worked out well.

Unfortunately I have been away for the last few days but I can tell you now that Dildomania is a very fair and team-oriented player.
We have been playing together almost every evening for the last few months now and he has always followed the rules.

That’s why I am relieved that the ban has been lifted. :)