Banned from the No Fly server after accidentally bunny hopping


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11 May 2014
Hi all,

A few minutes ago I was banned from the No Fly server because I accidentaly bunnyhopped a few times in the Wake Island 2007 map.
I was a Chinese sniper and was planning on taking a US flag on the other side of the Island because we only had one or two flags left. When I was starting to take the flag suddenly a US sniper appeared and I first shot al my pistol bullets at him, but since that didn't kill him (I missed...) I had to use my knife, and reflexively started to bunny hop because that is what I always did in other servers in such situation. After bunny hopping a few times I killed him but I was immediately banned from the server without any warning.
As far as I know I haven't violated the rules before, except for the first time I joined the server and made a few heli kills since I hadn't red the rules yet (for which I have apologized), and I made some accidental team kills for wich I have apologized as wel.
I know that bunny hopping is not allowed in the no fly server and I want to apologize for doing it. I hope the admin who kicked me will understand this and unbann me, or explain to me why he or she thinks it is fair that I got a permanent ban. I do not know which admin kicked me, I only know the person I killed was a Sniper in the USMC team with a NRU tag. The flag I was trying to take was the one in in the south west. (not the one at the beach) My BF2 name is Mr.VdHeide.


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1 May 2012
It was I who banned ya
but I wanted a round ban and I accidentally perm banned ya
and keep in mind, once the ban is lifted, that I presume u wont make the same mistake twice
So I say it to you once again and very clear :
DONT jump or hop in combat !!!!!!!!!!
an d DONT use helis or jets to kill, immediate kick/ban will be applied !!!!!!!!!!!
so Mr Lakaelo, u can unban him from my part