Banned From Server


New Member
25 Feb 2017
Hi there, my player name is launchit0 and I was recently banned from your CTF server on BF3

I admit I was very hostile to a player called Gixxering but in my defence every time he appears on the server he initiates a kick vote against me which results in me being kicked.

I admit I have accused him of being a cheat and maybe was being unreasonable, I don't mind the grief in game but continuously having me kicked is a little unfair.

I have attempted to contact gixxering and found a YouTube channel with a very feminine chap who like dressing up in camo gear and generally being a little camp, nevertheless I would like to offer my apologies to you guys and the other players for loosing my temper with the dainty fairy gixxering.

Your server is pretty much the only one I play on

Can I have the ban removed please?