[BF4] Banned For Bf4db.com When Nothing Is Present


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29 Jan 2018
Thread title, I got banned from someone's decision that I was hacking according to BF4db
- Which game? BF2, BFBC2, BF3 or other. BF4
- What is your in-game alias/name? themove1
- What reason was stated with the ban/kick? A suspicion that I cheat.
- Who was the banning admin? Do not know
- Why you think the ban should be lifted Because my record and slate are clean check my username, I don't even hack, an admin got butthurt because I was kicking ass.


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10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
First of all Hello to you too. According to BF4DB you're 28% cheating, so it's probably fine, even tho there's some very weird HSKR in your stats m8. Second thing as my mate Willi said you aren't banned on our server and you haven't even played on our server at all. And the last thing with that attitude:
an admin got butthurt because I was kicking ass.
No wonder you got banned, respect admins and we will respect you, it doesn't cost you to make an Ban Appeal so if you be nice and you explain everything you won't be banned on any server if you're clean ofc. And the last thing (vol. 2), contact those guys here : T4G3 Premier Online Multiplayer FPS Gaming Community . They are just using our name, we don't own the Metro Massacre server. Thanks and good luck with solving your problem.
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