Ban Appeal


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23 Jul 2020
- battlefield 4
  • SygKo
  • Perm ban for Racism
  • Don't know why just says "Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: racism [perm][BanEnforcer][Appeal at]"
  • I don't believe I have been racist. I can't remember if I have ever been racist. mostly I hardly ever write in chat. and if I do it's only a heart.

Optional but handy for speeding up the appeal process:

- Don't know when the ban was / noticed it on the 23rd of july 2020 1:40 cest
  • I really don't remember.
  • no other game, and as stated I don't really write in chat in any games or speak ingame. so I can't really imagine the racism reason being valid.