Ban Appeal

Zhengyang Fan

New Member
28 Apr 2018


I haven't played in this server (-|NOOBS-R-US|- METRO MASSACRE : ALL WEAPONS : 2400 TICKETS) for several month. I still remembered last time I got kicked when I was using a M240B tried to join this server again and it said i got kicked by an admin. I don't know why. Maybe I used some bad words in this server but I never used racism words, and I never hacked also. I really love this server, and I want to enjoy myself in it again. I apologize if I really did something wrong before. I swear I won't make a mistake again. Please let me join this server again. Thanks.

I would appreciate that if you could reply me as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

Account name: Reaper64302
Previous account name: 2712764302

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