[BF4] ban appeal i think


New Member
3 Jun 2020
ok so i havent played in ages and now whenever I join any server I'm instantly kicked by admin, not 100% sure why

one server said I had suspicious stats, I looked into it and I think its from me and a friend in an empty server shooting at each other, if its not that then idk, I'm not 100% clear on how all this stuff works, if I need to do anything to get unbanned or stop being kicked I am happy to, have a wonderful day!


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
i still keep getting kicked :c
because your stats still saying your are cheating ( impossible stats ) and our anticheat software is bannig you again. this will happened on all other server who useing anticheat software like we use.
i put your name on a whitelist on our server but not 100% sure if this will solve the matter. if it works, ok. if not, i will not change anything else because of your problem. sorry.

i can give you a advice for your dodgy stats. play with that weapons M416 and L86A1 to get the HSK Rate down. if you can play on our server and not get banned again, no problem. if you got banned again, you have to use a new account ( new game ) or you have to play on official server only. there is normaly no anticheat and you can bring your stats down till it shown up as "normal"