[BF4] Ban Appeal 1turga


New Member
10 Jun 2017
- Which game? BF2, BFBC2, BF3 or other.Bf4
- What is your in-game alias/name? 1Turga
- What reason was stated with the ban/kick? bad lenguage
- Who was the banning admin?auto admin
- Why you think the ban should be lifted

Good morning, I was banned from the Metro 24/7 server, for '' bad language '' I wrote '' nigga '' chat, here in brazil we have the habit of calling our friends from '' nego '' (you can search is a (WTF, You do this through the windows firewall, hidden my ping to be able to play in gringos servers, not to be kicked), currently the server of You are unique 24/7, here in Brazil had CGBR 04 METRO 24/7, but ended up closing. I'm sorry for that, my intention was not to offend anyone, just used a slang from Brazil, sorry for that, will not repeat itself.

OBS: Sorry for the bad English, I'm using google translate.