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21 Oct 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
I was wondering if i'm the only one missing annoying expert badges like engineer, ground defence, pistol and transport.? NOT TO FORGET AVIATOR AND HELICOPTER.!

I refuse to go into those servers designed to get them easily.

Maybe the ones of us missing the badges could hook up and work together to get a chance to obtain them.?

Many of the badges are not hard to get its more a time issue.

Any ideas or anyone else dealing with the same annoying issue?

May the horse be with you......
Engineer, ground defence and transport you should get easily on the No Fly. Best map for Pistol and knife is Great Wall.
I think a lost of us miss the Air badges but they are hard to get on another server due to less practice on NO Fly and you have less chance against expert Pilots on the other servers.
lmao yea groung defence ......2 seconds on that thing and i sniper has blown your head off lol ..
sometimes expert badges are easier when less people are on server so the round is alot longer and allows you more time and you are not getting shot from all angles ..... otherwise you are screwed :)
Expert engineer 20 repair points.

Expert pistol 18 kills.

20 kills with ground defence either TOW or mounted mackine gun.

All in a single round.

Expert transport 75h in transport and 2000 driver abillity points.
pistol kills sounds feasible (sometimes most reliable gun for me )
play about 12 ish midday .. that will help
otherwise fuc'it you got your unlocks who cares ?

orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr when there are only some cool dudes on the server we play to suit ourselfs and get you your badges

*********this idea is not endorsed by nru admin or the knitting bee*************** just saying like lol
I Have a Rusty Sheriffs Badge! .......

now thats the way to treat a woman shoo (joke)
...but if my wife was that sexy i might try to be nice to her ??
...and then bury her under the patio .. lol

oh yea and watch uncles' funny vid, but imagine the word badges is badgers lmao :)
even funnier :)

no offence intented Jim :)
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