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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
At this special time of year its always heartwarming to share good will and christmas cheer

Seaman stains,mo-the-Ted,Badger,Jim or simply 'NRU clan cock' made good on his promise to be Santa and send me some goodies.

My xmas list had on it ;

A flash drive containing a rather expensive piece of software usually sold by the Bill Gates corp for extortionate amount of green but to me 'no charge' mmwwuhauaaaa

Some Scottish shortbread- a highland delicacy mmmmmmmmmm

Some play balls for my puppy

However what I didnt count on receiving was an item of his so special and personal ..I feel humble truly humble

Im a little traumatised but one day if he becomes famous,its going on Ebay

ffs just ffs the one and only badger mankini in all its splendour STILL smelling of Lynx body spray and his sweaty arse crack


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Merry Christmas "Spunk" You must be the luckiest man on the world lmao

and it still have the smell oooohhhhh yea lucky you :)
muhhaaaa and now I am fucking blind from the second pic....again....
haha fuckin ace, although if it was up to me, i'd have sent you more clothes so we don't need to see you in your mankini again.
Oh wait what do I see, SponnyMacSpoons was here!!!!
How things going mate?
Its all good in Spoonyville mate.

I misread this post at first, just in from work and read it quick, i thought you'd sent Jim this stuff Spunky. Now i see he sent you it, firstly, i'd take that undergarment he sent you out in to the back garden and burn it, as knowing Badger, he's cracked a few off in it, just saying.
And secondly, how come Spunky gets a Christmas pressie Jim?
I imagine mine is still in the post........cock!
One can only speculate which types of DNA he left behind in that garment!!
Spoony m8: please, please bring this forum back to decency and good taste by posting some new shots of you in that gorgeous thong. :D

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