Back again after 6 months absence.....wanna join again if possible :D

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New Member
15 Mar 2012
Uppsala, Sweden
Hey boys and girls!

Well I'm back after about 6 months, have had a newborn girl which is 5 moths old now :D Hope I can join you again but if I can't thats no prob, I'm going to keep on playing on your servers anyway, always the best ones :D

Welcome back m8 and Congrats on your baby girl!!!
I'll talk to the fellow heeds and see if we can get you reinstated here m8.
Hope to catch you back on the servers soon!
Hey Loeft1 mate, hope it's all good. You see what you can do and if impossible I understand, no sweats :) Just need to reinstall the game....takes a while :p Catch u on the server. Which one is the best atm? Most NRU:s on?
AW: Back again after 6 months absence.....wanna join again if possible :D

Ravezor!!! Congratulations on your baby :)
I kinda felt cheated on me because I remembered the day we talked on TS and you were making me hot on BF3. Few months later I bought a new PC and BF3 but you were missing :D
Really hope you are allowed to be catched in here again and looking forward to see you out there! :)
welcome back ravezor and congratulations.
Thank you all. Haha I'm sorry Medic but isn't fun? Well I'm back and I'll play as much as the mrs and ms allows me too :p Just bought the premium packages, so just need to look were you're at. Catch you on the serevrs
Alright m8 as I said great to have you back!!

Now here is the case, we kind of had you written off, you applied and had your trial period (although we are not even sure you finished it and records are not very clear) but seeing how you been abcent a long time and in that time we changed the clan membership and recruitment requirements with some stricter rules so to kind of compensate for this we propose another trial period of 1 month.
This means you will get to keep your tags on and be made "Yellow" here again as well enabeling you to read the members section as well.
I will also give you (trial) Admin on the BF3 servers...
Now the flip side is that at the end of your month trial there will be another vote to see if you make full membership. During the month we will expect a fair deal of server and forum activity to enable all the newer members to also get to know you better...

Good luck m8

Vote to start on 21-4

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