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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I got my avatar image from lenperalta.com

One of the podcasts was doing a deal where if you ordered a picture, for every three they would get a free one for the hosts of the shows. Cost a $100 but as it was helping the show and I got a picture that was a bit different I thought it was worth it. You send him three photos and you get the drawing back. He does do dogs too.

As Heikki suggested there are things you can do in Photoshop and other apps to create a cartoon. If you want to upload some images the I can have a go. If you have something taken at dog height so you aren't looking down and with a plain background would be best.
really like this cartoon style and would like to have a youtube channel pic of a labrador instead of this one https://yt3.ggpht.com/-C1wsgQq8OtU/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/y5Wa2IIvo9c/s100-c-k-no/photo.jpg
i know photoshop and also other progs have some "cartoonisation" functions but this is not the cartoon i like because its based on the pic and makes "only" some new lines and colors but its not changing the shape. you can always see that it based on a pic but i want to have a more abstract cartoon. a funny little smiling labrador head with flying ears or something. thats why i love glens avatar. you can see its glen but you can also see, its not just made from a foto.

found some offers at google for around 50.- € maybe i will give this a try someday. its nothing i am focused in just remember about that everytime i look at glens avatar. :D
If you could post a larger sized photo on here I'll have a look at what can be done because I've seen quite a few other ways of doing it and don't mind having a play. Using layers in apps on the iPad you can draw over too. Will try on the one above as a demo.
thanks for your work glen. :) that is what i mean. i know the software can do this and i tryed that too in some way but its still to close the the original for me. even more if you put into the small size of a avatar. than its hard to see that its not a "normal" foto anymore.
guess that what i am looking for you can not make at this way and need to be scetched or drawn like a real cartoon.
I still think its possible to do with Photoshop, its just matter of right combinations with effects and settings of filters. Try these:

1: Set thickness of lines lower and contrast lower in settings of that "cartoon filter"
2: If that dont work try different brightness and contrast first and then repeat part 1 with settings of "cartoon filter"
3: After some rough trys you should know how they work and you get closer what you want/need
4: Then find sweet spot when its good
5: Then fix/hide that background behind dog to create "abstract" cartoon look like laka said.

Its all about combinations and finding right one. Difficult part is laka is only one who knows exactly how it should look. :unsure:
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This is one playing about in Photoshop. Looks OK in smaller size but when zoomed it looks a bit iffy.

Plan B may take longer than expected (awaiting delivery of iPad Pro and Pencil and drawing lessons will add a bit on to that too).

Dog 1
How about plan B?

Take pencil and paper, sketch dog to paper. If you are good you can make it with free hand. If not, then print picture of dog and put it against window or on glass table where is light under it. That way you can easily sketch that picture of dog even if you are not good with pencils. Scan that sketch and then you can add colours with Paint. ===> BOOM you have cartoon dog. :)

You just have to be little creative! Lol like me when i was 15 and could not reach somebody to buy me beer for party. I customized my moped license card with repair lacquer and black marker pen. I changed birth year from 1988 to 1985 and same thing to social security code ===> BOOM time to buy beer. :hungry:
<-- is too awsome for cartoon version, but would probably look like a grinch ;-) XD

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