Augsburg, my hometown

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2 May 2012
I would like to introduce you to Augsburg, my hometown, which is located in the south of Germany.

It is Bavaria’s third-largest city after Munich and Nuremberg and one of the three oldest cities in Germany founded in the year 15 BC by Drusus and Tiberius, Emperor Augustus’ two stepsons.

As it is not explicitly stated in the video, I would like to point out that 1.17 shows the Fuggerei, the world’s oldest social housing complex founded by Jakob Fugger the Younger in 1521. It is still in use today.

The city is situated at the confluence of the two Alpine rivers Lech and Wertach and is surrounded by many lakes, nature reserves and forests.
We are living on the outskirts of Augsburg, near the river Wertach, so the countryside is within easy reach. :)

thanks for the video manuela. its always nice to see some interesting views from all over the world. :)

i really like the video. its absolutely brilliant work with the balance from history, modern and trendy topics. together with the music a impressive work. shows a lot of courage and progressivity that a tourist office / regio developed such a nice video. :popcorn:
Love seeing these types of videos as it makes me add them to our next time we are near XXXXX we must go there. Looks a nice place and the more I see the more Germany would be on my place to live options. At least I would make the land even greener by bringing the ra*n with me. Thanks for sharing it.
AW: Augsburg, my hometown

A Beautiful Vibrant City with many atracctions,thanks for sharing pretty :)
Yea, makes me wanna visit :) Beautiful video and nice places to see. Thanks Manuela
thank you manuela to see your hometown and see or lives my supermedicman (psp) ,very good video .... :)
bisou à vous et à stefan ;-) ...
I want to go there once
and I know who is to be my guide over there :D
almost as beautifull as Sint-Niklaas (kuch kuch, it is not ) :D
Thank you for sharing it´s always nice and interesting to see were and how our friends lives and works.

Odp: Augsburg, my hometown

Awesome city....Thx for sharing ;)
Last Tuesday, May 22, Hitradio rt1, a local radio station, started the experiment of sending the first “inhabitant” from Augsburg to outer space with the help of a helium-filled weather balloon.
This “inhabitant”, however, was no human being but Kasperl, a popular character of the so-called Augsburger Puppenkiste, a marionette theatre, which is renowned for producing televison series. It has gained nation-wide prominence with its productions for children.

The “mission” took place three days ago. Kasperl reached the height of 33.007 m in 90 minutes.
From this altitude he was able to “skydive” back to earth – the puppet was found after 2 h 48 min in a tree near Pfaffenhofen (about 51 km away from here).

I am sorry but this video is only in German.
Kasperl speaks the local dialect which is only used by the older generation, I do not speak it.
This dialect is on the verge of extinction - I cannot say that I am sad about that. :)

The first part of the video presents the experiment itself, the second part (5.23) shows the search for the puppet. :)

It must be 20 May, not 22 May.

My bad.

Sorry about the typing error.

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