Asus Gtx 550 Ti 1gb


NRU Heed
I have still this GFX laying around. it was in my son PC before we replaced it. so if someone need it, just say.
this card works also with BF4. not on highest settings but you can well use it for normal settings.
so possibly someone can use it to upgrade the PC and playing BF4 :D

give it aways for free or a little donation for the Server.


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NRU Heed
Yeah heeere :eek: pplllss :O i just want to build my younger brother a pc , and i think this should be enought :eek:

OK, because i would like to upgrad some clan members first, let us wait 3 days if there are some requests from NRU members to upgrade there PC to play BF4. if not i am glad to give it to your brother also :D