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New Member
14 Oct 2014
hi guys, well finally got my 100 hours in lol, took 3 months so here goes

1. Real Name (first name) , Age and Nationality SAM, 52, ENGLISH

2. In-game username for all games (BF2, BFBC2, BF3, COD etc). Even if you haven't played for many years or have only played a few times, we need that info!
BF2 sandhills_assassin, XTA_Assassin, FNO_Assassin,Assassin_spain, {{SAW}}Assassin BF3. BF4 Assassin9562

3. Do you have any previous bans? This can be on any online game. no

4. Why do you think you'll be good for NRU? As you can see ive been in a few clans and been admin in 3 of them so hope i can bring my experience to help NRU get better and stronger

5. Recommending NRU members:
yes m8, origionally from UK but now live in sunny (sometimes) spain lol

and thanks for your votes guys
sry. dont remember that i played with u before. but welcome to the madhouse anyway.

i think we got noone from spain until now, do we?
one friend of mine lifes near malaga and told me that he will start
playin bf again and was very interested in gettin into a clan too.
but i think that he got so many other interests
that i dont know if he is ever playin bf with me again... :)
hahaha thanks glen, i´ll not try as hard next time m8
Im not personally played with Assassin but hes been quite long on forum and sounds nice guy. I dont see any reason why he could not be member and i trust judgement of recommending cocks. So good luck with vote. :)

5. Recommending NRU members:
1: lakaelo
2: waxx
3: glenda
4: Heik the drunk finn
Assassin, I wish you the best of luck with your application. :)
throws hikkenen a beer , thanks mister and thanks also lady musketeer
thanks for your votes guys, fingers crossed
Best of luck with your application!

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