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25 Dec 2016
Hallo, Dies ist meine Bewerbung um NRU. Thank you google translate. but on a serious note;

Hi, for those who missed on who i am and what i am, i'd happily write this again.
My name is Constantine, 22, from Israel.
I work in Immigration, and soon plan to study B.Sc. in Computer Science and Cyber Defense.
In my free time i produce music, and play games, ok, more the second than the first.
The only online games i've played lately was eve and i was panning on trying star citizen due to my obsession with space. BUT. for YEARS i been enjoying the good battlefield, once 3, now 4, and well sorry can't really feel 1 yet, but i guess when i get bored with 4 i'll play more 1, since i have it after all, i'm getting carried away am i.
*ehm ehm*

I really enjoy the game because i am really having fun, it's relaxing and it's great, and when i found a while back that there's this family called NRU, I've come to like it very fast. you guys are great, you play for fun, you stand for what truly fun gaming is. and i for one, would love to be a part of the family and contribute as much as i can in my little time, well, some days i'm more active, some days i'm maybe active for a hour, but never the less, there.
I really need this family since it really helps to defuse the daily stress. I hope you will have me, and if you won't, i will find every single one of you an- but seriously, that won't be a problem, i'm not planning on going anywhere either, you are my home now. DEAL WITH IT. :)

About my nicknames well in BF it's always XrepaerC but in other games it was usually CreaperX.
HOWEVER one thing is important. a little more than a year ago i got hacked but who appears to be, some polish dude. i couldn't even log into my own origin with all the games i payed for. obviously after some phone calls the password was reset, it took me even more struggle to change my name because that guy changed my name (and i forgot how to do it), of course in the end i had it back. but i do not know what damage he caused if any. so. if you find some weird name related to me which is banned it's probably that dude, i'm a honest player, you have my word.

Well. i'm sorry if it's too much text, i'm kinda feeling funny right now after a long shift and my brain is in rush mode. but, yeah there it is. love you guys, it's your time to choose now, see you in the field :)
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hey constanine, what should i say. it was about time. :D

give us some time, we will do some background checks and we will post here whats going on :D

oh, forgot to say. as most of the regular player we have alleady checked you and we know there is only a strange metaban ban for "tower". so no worries about that. (y)
damn it another Young kid XD <---- feeels exceedingly old, thats the 3rd player joining this week alone whos younger than me XD

Good luck Constantine :)
Hello Constantine, thanks for your outstanding application.
I am sure that you will soon be part of the NRU family. :)
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I think, we all have and need to have something "childish" in us in order to defuse tense situations and have fun.
What really matters is the way people are educated and developed, which is the reason we may observe adults behave like children when they get a little offended,
or vice versa, youngsters with respect that don't take things for granted and don't take words too hard, understanding we're all human.
Like, i know this guy, 38 years of old, who still acts like a little annoying child in various aspects including behavior and lack of responsibility, a man who could rage quit for being told he's out of line.
I do understand what you said about faith in humanity, i look for it everyday, but i think humanity well get better, we always get by, i want to believe.
I just hope i'll have success with educating my children one day, to be the best people they can in order to improve mankind, and oh who am i lying to with all this fancy rubbish,
Just kidding :)
Agree about being childish 100% If it says suitable for 8-14 year olds on the box I will probably like it! :) I think age does help you become less angry because you know things happen and you just have to deal with it. I could worry about loads of things but what is the point of worrying about things you cannot control. :rolleyes:
damn it another Young kid XD <---- feeels exceedingly old, thats the 3rd player joining this week alone whos younger than me XD

Good luck Constantine :)
Dont be fooled its all a big sting "Youngsters take over, put us old folk into old peoples homes, forgotten and left to rot"
But Im on to you :peeking:

Good luck with your app:D

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