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28 Jun 2020
Hello there!

Conforming to your rules, I submit you my wish to be a part of the NRU community.

My first name is (deleted for privacy), (and not Napoléon 😜, I’m just an history fan, no more, no less).

I’m 20 years old and I am from (deleted for privacy) in France, a beautiful city on the West of Switzerland. I hope you are not disappointed and that my age will not be a problem among all these old dinosaurs (I'm kidding of course).

I am currently studying law (more private law) and I hope to graduate in the coming years. I'm not used to revealing this kind of information for a game, but I agreed here for NRU.

I had stopped playing Battlefield 4 for years, but I enjoyed to come back by discovering few months ago your server and playing with all of you and having fun (especially with Osman ;)). I only play on your server since.

As you may have noticed, I like to play in commander mode, this is an important part of the gameplay that not all players necessarily notice the impact. This is also the reason why I have CMDR (commander) tag in game but I am not in any clan. I play for the pleasure and I try to help my team to the victory: teamplay is very important for me, we shall not forget the squad orders and to play the objective. That's why I like to be the squad lead, not just because this is the "leader", it would be stupid, but if you are in my squad, you will notice that I try to make sure that there is always an active relevant order and to cap flags with the whole squad to reverse the game. It is so much more fun to play with a good squad…

I do not say that this adventure will be eternal, life makes us all take unpredictable paths with personal duties, but I say that it could be good moments over a period that I hope very long.

It would be also a pleasure to be able to help the proper functioning of the server.

So, I thought, why not to try? I would have regretted not having taken the step. And sorry for my English, I’m still learning. (Hello Google :giggle:)

I also play on other platforms like Uplay and Rockstar Games with the nickname (deleted for privacy).

Whatever you decide, I will continue to come to your server to send you some cruise missiles, so watch the sky :LOL:🚀

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15 Mar 2012
thanks for your application. you playing on our server all the time, so its just a good step to join us :)

background checks are done and all is fine. so we can start a vote for 3 days and then you will see the result if you can start your trialmembership (y)
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Welcome. We are from various countries with a variety of first languages so we never correct anyone's English especially when some of us have that as our first language and still manage to not get it right. Nice to see your application and good luck.
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