any experience with sony mobile?

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Jepp had a Sony Xperia with windows mobile, was a very good handy.
Yep they're pretty good, never really used the camera. But nice specs and its running android so you can customise the shit out of it. Though I use an lg g2 at the moment
I have the Xperia Z
It´s a really good Smartphone and i use the Camera very often at work.

Did i tell you, that i work on a airport? So much Bunnys... :welsh:
Re: AW: Re: any experience with sony mobile?

That Nokia was my first too! Actual found it at the bottom of a draw the other day but no charger for it. :( Then got a Nokia 7110 (featured in the film Swordfish) which had the spring loaded opening which was kind of cool at the time (except when the bottom bit would detach and fly across the room). Wikipedia says it doesn't spring open but it did!
I got the z1 compact recently & like it so far
my wifes brother got the xperia.

cant say much about it but he loves it and the pictures he took with it in australia holiday looked amazing (even the landscape pics).
oh, just to update this.

- got the sony z2 but it was faar to big for me so i sent it back.

- than got the Z1 compact. quite nice and smaller. but after the weekend ( and done all the fucking setups ) i realise that this stupid phone had not the rSAP bluetooth to connect it to my car phone intercom. brb calling sony customer care to get "...none of our phones running with rSAP..." so this means no sony for me, so the sony is going also the way home.... lol

- next i take the galaxy s5. also a big one i actualy not wanted but after i test it is really nice. brilliant camera and some nice gimicks. so i will stay with samsung mobile in neary future. :joker:
they are releasing the compact version of s5 soon sascha!

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