annoying message on startup

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New Member
15 Mar 2012
dont know if anyone can offer a solution to this one but on sartup i get a double message popup saying 'no such file found' cant find asussetup.ini:c:\windows\chipset\driver\hotfix\asussetup.ini

now as far as i can tell everything is working but when installing the mobo chipset drivers they dont install succesfully, i have tried downloading drivers from asus website but same thing happens, dont know if this will cause any issues down the road but atm its more annoying than anything!
Maybe uac or dep is blocking it or just a bad driver.
Did you try disc?
Global site or uk?
Uninstall driver then try it thru win update to find the mobo driver?
If it's persistent in msconfig disable the startup drivercheck.
The german fanny is right. Ccleaner has conveniant tools for this.

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