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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Just wondering if anyone else has been stuck playing even though they are not?

Tried to join the server and joining was taking ages. Got the "loading" screen but after some time I ended the game. Now when I try and join it says I'm already playing! I've done:

  1. Restarted Battlelog
  2. Clicked X to leave game
  3. Exited and restarted Origin
  4. Tried ending game in Task Manager (not running though)
  5. Started game through Battlelog (sign-in working fine) server not showing me as playing
  6. Started game through Origin (sign-in working fine)
  7. Restarted PC
  8. Restarted router
  9. Restarted broadband modem
  10. Swore a lot
  11. Played a round of BF1 (was getting really desperate at this point)
Guessing I will have to see if things fix itself overnight.


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lmao tried to kick "you" from server but was only some poor other bloke lol

[20:18:24] lakaelo - US Army - Charlie > !kick llama ghost
[20:13:55] AdKats > Say > lakaelo > Fuzzy player match found for 'llama'
[20:13:55] AdKats > Say > DameMarksman82 was KICKED by [NRU]lakaelo for ghost
[20:13:55] AdKats > Say > lakaelo > You KICKED DameMarksman82 from Russian Army for ghost
[20:18:24] DameMarksman82 wurde vom Server getrennt (Grund: ghost [lakaelo])..

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