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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
As we went a bit off topic in one of the other threads here is a video of making coffee with an AeroPress. For me most days start with a double espresso (or two). During the day I usually go for a filter coffee using the filter holder and filters I got in France (about €5 for holder and 50 filters). Not found a similar holder over here and filters are so much more expensive.

Weekends I will use the 12 cup Moka stove top and the BIG mug (may explain why it is hard to sleep on Sunday night :confused:). Sometimes will use the cafeteria.

But sometimes the AeroPress is convenient. It is good for traveling too. It came with paper filters but I also have a stainless steel filter that tastes slightly better and is reusable. You can use nearly any ground coffee in it and once finished you just take off the bottom and push the paper filter and grounds into the bin. Quick rinse and you are done.

So here is a quick video of how you use the AeroPress.

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Ah thats similar to the french coffee press which you also get a good result. At home i prefer the hand filtered coffee.

Yes but with a bit of pressure too but you don't get some of the grounds coming through to the cup. Only coffee I'm not a fan of is that made by an electric filter machine - gets stewed a bit to quick for me. Most of the time it is a case of how much time I have to spend making the coffee because if you are using a blend/roast you like it should be enjoyable. Espresso and filter can take a bit too long to get made in the time a BF round ends and the time you get kicked for inactivity so the AeroPress/French press as best for that! :)
i prefer good filter coffee too, packs quite a punch if you get a bean blend of 70 % arabica and only 30 % Robusta
dayum good
That's a nice little gadget you got their glen, excellent for a quick coffee fix which is always nice :coffee:(y)

But my question to you would be you ever slipped pressing that down lol, and wound up with coffee everywhere :eek::ROFLMAO:
Just looks a bit close to the edge of the mug :whistle:
Hi Andy!!!!

And to answer your question.... yes! Usually use two hands but that mug is a bit wide so you need to be careful.

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