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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Couple of questions here:

1. Someone asked to move teams the other day so I used @move but Psyco said there was another command to use which I missed. Is there a list of commands that can be used?

2. Is there a good procedure for checking if someone may be cheating? I've used Cheat-o-Meter and also had a look on metabans but is there anything else I should check or look for. On TDM it tends to be obvious with someone going 120/4 (plus getting killed from the other side of the map by an ammo box might be a giveaway) but on larger maps and conquest it's not as easy/obvious.

@fmove is a bit tetchy so I find procon is more reliable.

and what geno said. lol

the things I look for in stats are not just a high k/d. it's inconsistency between similar weapons. It's low accuracy and high head kill %. and unfortunately EA left us with our pants down with anti cheat support for BF3 (i think they figured it would be easier for them to put their gentlemans bits in our bottoms that way).
all beyond me for now lol but im sure if i can whip up a mean carbanara then maybe i can figure a few buttobns lol :)
i've often forgot the @tb-fmove command. comes with the age i guess. but i'm glad that works when it's just impossible with autobalancer to get it done otherwise.

hope these help, glen.

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