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30 Jul 2017
I been playing on your server quite a bit and been active on your forums as you seen.
I see a lot of regular players on your server thats not a part of NRU clan/family.

So my questing is.

Do NRU ask regular fun and active players to join NRU, or do you rely on people to apply to join clan/family?
Some people play regularly on the server but wish to remain independent for whatever reason.

An invite isn't required regulars can just apply. Anyone who doesn't want to be a full member or doesn't qualify can be invited into the NRUF platoon (NRU Friends).

/\ how glen said. :)

and i think its also important to know us ( NRU ) a bit better. sometimes if player reading some stuff like "...we recruiting..." than after playing some rounds, they start a application. but they don´t know us or how we play. we had this in the past too and they leave again after some time because they found out we are a bit different to other battlefield clans. lol ok, better saying, we are a bit special lol we not the competive clan and a lot of us just playing to have some fun on the server or have some funny rounds and not always in a serious way. of course there are also serious player and i think we have a good mix.

atm we have a really nice bunch of player on the server. its fun to play and also you have strong opponents if you need it.

so what i meant to say, we are not active recruiting but if some player see they will fit into the NRU they will apply :D
Yes, we are a bit "special"!

I had BF2 but soon got bored with spawn/spawn killed/spawn/spawn killed/etc cycle. One of the things I liked when I got BF3 and before joining was the Admins and members. Finding the NRU server was like finding an oasis in a dessert. They would take time to help noobs with advice and make sure noobs were not victimised. The balance between having fun and fairness but not tolerating abuse, racism or phobic comments was something that I admired and appreciated. I have played on other servers but the level of abuse and racism should have been unacceptable but went without any action.

We also have members (and regular players) from all over the world. Language is not an issue, if people use Translate then fine, if the make spelling/grammar mistakes that is fine, we are very tolerant (nearly - see below :) ) bunch.

I would probably have an issue with anyone who says LEGOs as a plural rather than LEGO as it should be. Personally anyone who does that should have their NRU tags ripped from them and the mandatory bum cheek tattoo cut off without any anesthetic!! But that is just me! :D

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