Accidental AutoAdmin Ban Appeal?

25 May 2013
Good day All,

I'm trying to see if I can get my ban revoked.
I just logged into NRU BF2 a few minutes ago, and as soon as the map loading reached 100% I was banned - by AutoAdmin is assume - for Air Combat. I didn't even get a chance to pick a weapon or squad :confused:
I always follow the rules - especially the no air kills one, as that is the point of the server.
I hope someone can look at the round and see that it was an error??

[email protected][email protected]@tion


NRU Member
20 Oct 2012
Too paranoid to tell it :P
SEK: That is his game name. Im played with him sometimes.

[email protected][email protected]@tion: I know nothing about this case but before im warned you sometimes for armor whoring behavior. Please remember in future that if you use armors, you should attack flags and take them, not just camp near of flags getting easy kills by raping spawning infantry. That kind of behavior is against rules and you get kicked if admin sees it. Welcome to forum and it's nice you like NRU-server. :) Somebody who knows more what happened will tell reason of your ban when he sees that tread. So keep in touch and try be patient.


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2 May 2012
close to Hamburg
Yes, it was. I tried to make space in team for a team member kicked to the opposite side (we were on TS). Then he was between all the bots and I was glitching in the line and gonehe was. But one of his buddies in game asked why he was banned and I said it should be for round only and I think he joined thereafter. Dumb mistake though. Guess he was a bit shocked, especially as it said for flying and the map had neither heli nor plane :) Fighting angels or what ? :D