accessing teamspeak via game

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4 Aug 2012
hi all. is it possible to access teamspeak when a game is on without having to quit game to connect and vice versa ?
thanks , rich.
and also what is x fire ? just a similar thing i think ? maybe better ?
hi Sordids, here have another laugh on me :} is tab the one above caps lock ? no really lol .
thanks will give it a go . thanks rich.
yes m8 u hit the left side alt then the tab key located above the capslock
as for xfire its like a friends list /chat u can use while ingame to chat make vids take photos allot of us use it you can download it at
look me up my xfire name is Sweney80
hey thanks sweney :} still trying to use teamspeak at the mo' on bf2 but will get it some time .
hope your little fellow is doing well and happy new year .
my little guy has chicken pox and i do feel for him covered in itchy spots.
kind regards, rich.
aaw.. hope your son gets well soon.

"ALT-tabbing" = Hold ALT key left side and press TAB (above caps-lock) then release when desired prog is chosen or to go to desktop.

you can also of course go on Teamspeak before you start the game if that is easier.

In the new members section there is a list of ways to find NRU on xfire, steam etc.
xfire, teamspeak are preferred.

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