a surprise present

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3 Dec 2012
Worcestershire, UK
a surprise present from the other half. can't wait for the awkward explanation to family and friends what this actually means lmao
nice one, m8.

still loving my nru hoodie linda gave me 2 years ago as a christmas present. is our little merchendise shop still online????
Damn cool shirts and stuff, i want order everything lol. :D
Lool i should take tattoo where is that my avatar pic and text NRU COCK :tbag: And Old english font texts to hands Noob punisher and Ban hammer. :D
So, who's gonna buy the "I Love Mari" Boxer shorts, and pose in them for me!? :) :)

i think we could start a picture contest which is called: who-looks-nicest-in-i-love-mari-boxers-pic-contest :) :) :)

but i bet seaman will win it anyway :(

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