A shot in the dark I presume...

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New Member
8 Jan 2013
Stockholm, Sweden
Or maybe more like finding a needle in a haystack..

For a little backstory, I was once a strapping young lad, playing Battlefield 2.
I was 14, a bit of a loner, and so I found my refuge with games, most of the times BF2.
Somewhere in my late hours I found a server when I could play with my below-average computer and crappy internet without getting killed over and over by the same no-lifer jetpilot.
The =NRU= server.
Here I spent countless hours knifing people as SF, doing 900m headshots as sniper and reviving Crazy_macaronii as we raided the enemy strongholds.
I grew fond of my little online "home", where I was picked up and... Nursed I guess you can call it. I felt like the littlebrother of the server admins.

Eventually, my classmates began playing different games, of which WoW caught my interest, and I quickly lost interest of the BF2 adventures I once loved and cherished.
The result of this was that I lost contact with my comrades from the =NRU=, whom I at this point was a part of. I remember being a member of your forums, being given minor administrative roles and keeping douchebags out of the air.

Now though, I've recently invested in a great piece of machinery which runs 64player BF3 battles on high with a lowest FPS of 80, and so I am back in the race.
Earlier today I stumbled upon one of your servers, and the nostalgia hit me hard. I began to remember all the fun times, and also what I had left.
I quickly left the server to bookmark it and check out if you had a platoon, and a website, and here I am now!
Where am I hoping to go with this? Trying to relive some of that old nostalgia? Trying to show how much I've grown as a person? Just trying to get together with some online friends? I don't know...

This is where the tricky stuff comes in!
I do remember crazy_macaroni.
The rest of the names are a bit of a mystery to me.
Looking through your members, the only name that kind of stands out is sodrids, but I'm not sure.

The only info I can give you is that my name on BF2 was Swede_drummer , I was 14/15 when I played with you, and that it was back in 2008/9 (with some quick math, that makes me 19, soon turning 20), and I am Swedish!
Hopefully I made an impression strong enough for you to have remembered me.

If not, then I wish to thank you none the less.
You're a great bunch of guys, you run a great couple of servers, and I wish you the best of luck!


I was in =NRU= 5 years ago, under the name Swede_drummer
Does anyone remember me?
Ah shit.. we need some of the REALLY REALLY REEEEEAALLLY old NRU cocks to handle this one..

oh.. hi :) and welcome. good post.
Hey swede I remember your name and I guess I must if played on the no fly with you at some point back then but I can't really remember back 5 years lol good to see old nru again.

Maybe you remember Mario ranger he's still around time to time along with stormtrooper (now rj47blah blah)
Mario ranger rings a bell...!
Not one of 'em tiny bells, I'm talking church bells here!

I'm glad that you remember me! :D
And I understand that remembering some random player from 5 years back is a bit far fetched.
Everytime I go over the memberlist I see someone new I think seems familiar, even you samoz, but I'm not sure wether it's actually me remembering, or if it's just familiar.

@genozide Hello and thank you! It feels good to be back.
Though, I have to work a bit on my skills and aim once more, feeling a bit rusty... ;)
Ppl who have got to know sam too well might be living in denial.. Lmao

Nice of you to join us on the forum and remember old times. My bf2 time is very narrow, played 30 days when the game was released and past couple years very rarely. I joined nru at the end of 2011. Summer before that i enjoyed their bc2 server a lot. You might recognise the alien avatar amd yes i'm an alien nut. Neen 10+ years in alien game clans of which a couple as leader. Now just a reg member driving rest of nru bonkers. Lol. Mainly play bf3 now as genozide666.
hi obzen, is this your in game name ? and where you on bf2 no fly the other night ? or are you planning on playing just bf3 ? all the best guys n gals play bf2 lol.
anyways at 19 you make me feel very old :] i am 40 now but you are probably more mature :}
i think alot of people feel the same when they eventually find NRU it is like a breath of fresh air .
well i hope you enjoy being back and a warm welcome from me .
i am a noob and new here, but bf2 for me only .
regards, rich.
Yes, that's my ingame name, obZen. Though, I'm currently not playing BF2. I can't seem to find the discs anywhere, so it's not installed on my new PC. The PC cost me quite a large sum of money, so I'm living on minimum expenses until the next paycheck, so even spending 10euro on Origin for the complete set is something I'm trying to avoid for now.
So right now, yes, only BF3, the occational BF Heroes with my brother, and then just some random games on Steam.

Good afternoon!
Yes, I am hoping the same! Hopefully I'll catch him on a good day when he's high in spirits and his memory on edge. ^^
If you were 14 / 15 at the time i'm sure Sordids would have paid special attention to you :)
hello swedish drummer i remember u playing our old bf2 server. welcome back, you'll find a few old names but mostly new ones u wont recognize, but rest assured theyre all cocks that like getting t-bagged!!!
Hello Swede_drummer long time no see! I still remember your name, nice to have you back on our battlefield

regards Teofild
Well Mr. Swede_drummer,
I very much do remember you and its great you looked us up again, for the record swede was a very respected admin in our very early days.
there are still some of the old guard here plus many new ones and as you can see we have moved on a bit, but still love the old times
loads of laughs and as for running around the maps reviving me nothing much has changed there LOL.
Don't play bf2 these days and just limited on bf3, but the clan is as strong as ever.
Its great to hear from you and please enjoy the servers we still try and run them as fair as possible.
I remember you from the old days partly because you're Swedish like me - welcome back! ;-)
This response is way better than I had hoped! :D
As it looks now I'll be spending some time with BF3.
I went through my old room and boxes, and eventually found my BF2 and BF2: SF boxes, so they are now installed aswell.
Luckily enough, I used the same password back than as I do for some sites today, so I got access to my old BF2 account aswell!

My internet can't handle large maps with many players for too long though, so I get DCed after around 20 minutes. We've ordered an upgrade, but still waiting.
Once we get it, I'll be wrecking stuff on your servers once more. But for now, I'll stick to Team DM in Nosehair Canals (aka. People Hiding In Crates), and check in on your servers from time to time!
Hey obZen, welcome back to NRU! Get your BF2 running and get tbagged on the field, will be glad to meet you there
swede drummer i think i played few rounds with u back in the day. i remember seeing your name in the clan members part of the old website. its always great to reconnect with old clan m8s. whats your in game name for bf3 mines sweney80
Since I've seen it more than once now, I'll post some info here.

BF2: Swede_drummer

BF3: obZen

xfire: marcipark

steam: zahip93

Now that I think about it, it's quite annoying that there's one username for every game or instance...
And I promise that I'll give ya'll an extra dip of my nuts if (make that when) I drop you on the battlefield! <3

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