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Hi guys,

I just want to know if it is possible that ypu people give me administrative rights. Its just that that everytime theres no admin around people start going crazy - Airkilling, Bunnyhopping, Teamkilling, Commander with 5 vs 5 players etc.

I guess some of you people saw me playing on BF2 and that I try to adhere to the ingame rules and try to warn people if they break them. I would like to have the ability to warn/kick/bann people who break the rules and keep the server clean. So if its possible I would appriciate if you would grant me administartive rights on your BF2 server.

see you on the battlefield...
Hi Hamza,

In the past we did give some (very) longtime regulars admin on our servers but this is not our current policy.
Normally during peak hours there are plenty of admins on, if there are problems and no admin is on the server you can try contacting someone through Xfire (first have to be friends with some admins) or by making a post on the shout/chatbox.

All our admins take responsibility for their admin actions as members and people can comment/call them on those actions if needed.
Also there is a lot of behind the scene conversations about people that you as a guest-admin would have no access to and thus could not act on.

The only alternative would be to apply to become a NRU clan member. For requirements check the "join us" section of the forum. Lol just seen this thread in already in the join us section so you obviously found that ;-)
AW: Re: A question

ok thanks a lot i gonna think about joining you.
Hamza, here is a prime example why we don't give admin to non NRU members:


I must say I'm thoroughly disappointed and more then a little angry with you.
We spent a lot of time trying to clear your name when you got a PBban, and this is how you repay us??

Prostate cancer is a terrible disease that many men die of.
My mother had ovarium cancer (you could say the female version of testicular cancer) and it nearly killer her, 6 chemos and a big operation later she is now cancer free but probably in a wheelchair for life (the cancer attacked her leg muscles and nerves and the chemo's didn't help there either)

We are very lenient with swearing both on our servers as on our forum but there is a line and you damm well crossed it there.

You best NOT consider becoming an NRU member because your certainly not getting in while I'm still around!!
Fully agree. Wishing diseases or death to people is far over the line. As still, in the end we talk about a game.

Loeft, thought exactly same, my mom had cancer as well and half of my close relatives died of it....so fun ends here for me (if it ever was).
I agree with Loeft and Bond, i don't want in clan people like that and i would vote No. We can not trust his judgement as calm/fair admin or know how he behaves in arguements or other difficult situations. And we should not take risk he shames clan with his behavior like that yelling in chat how he is wishing cancer to people.

Edit: Hamza please try behave in future, this kind of stuff can get you banned if it happens again.
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AW: A question

wow! what kind of outrage.

I never ever thought you people would complain like this. Theres so many dissing and cursing and foul language on your server going around and you complain about that? well its ok I will just try to be quiet while I play and just write nothing at all because I never know when you guys gonna be touched like this. Why are you feel attacked by my chatting? You should see what people like uncleneckcutter write about horse dicks and all those sick stuff.

About me asking for admin rights. If I would have had admin rights I would never even write any foul language because of rulebraking idiots. I would just plain warn/kick/bann them and fine. But the problem is that people disbehave and they are warned by several players several times and they just laugh at you and continue their buruburu. And I am just plain uncapable of doing anything against it and no admin is around. Its a situation where I become very angry because it ruins the gameplay.
But yes I overreact sometimes because I am weak and we are all weak because we are human being.

by the way I had a near relative dieing from cancer, too.

So as a conclusion I dont want to be a member in your clan. I want to enjoy playing BF2 thats it. And I hope I will be able to controll myself and just dont write anything at all. But like I said with admin rights I would have cleansed that server and none of all those things would have happened...
You know someone in your family with cancer yet you wish it upon people? Even if it's just a game and not really meaning it that's pretty fucked up
AW: A question

well than its propably the environment i grew up. but in this ghetto environment when people tell you those kind of stuff you recognize if its meant honestly or just as a diss. When I was young I heard (and said) much more severe things from/to people who I considered as "friends". And that is a very, very bad thing in me still present from my jahiliya (time of ignorance).

I should work on my temper and try to reduce/stopp all those foul language at all. I am not happy about my own behaviour at all and I dont mean that cancer stuff. I mean in general that I am too weak to controll my tmeper/anger which is a very bad thing. I myself regrett many times when I stopp playing that I couldnt controll my language and wrote bad words because that should not happen at all whether it is using bad words or talking about cancer.
Me as a Muslim I have to stay away from such bad behaviour and I really have to struggle to do that. But its still the dirty remnants from my jahiliya which are in me, let me doing this crap.
Hm, maybe we should invent then in BF2 the suicide bomb belt for you :) As an extra gimmick...LOL. Ok, that was not nice either. Sorry.

Hamza, I am often pissed as well in that server and in others too, but you have to differ between offending someone (which is not ok either, but we all do it, one more or less) or wishing someone elses death.
That is the thin line we meant....
We all rage man but next time hit alt f4 and go take a break.wishing cancer on someone sounds funny but man many of us here have watched loved ones suffer from it.I myself lost my dad to cancer.I'm not lookin for pity but think before you write something mate. I have a saying that might help you "we hold our clan mates and regulars to a higher standard"
well due to having to watch a family member go through this i wont hesitate but ban you from our servers for life if i saw this comment not matter who you are !
AW: A question

what is your problem banning me?

I said I regret my behaviour and I wont write anything in future so whats wrong with you?
AW: Re: A question

I really cant understand you people...

You make an elephant from a moskito or whatever this saying is in english. You act as if what I said would really cause cancer to somebody. Man you people should read what you or others write to each other. Insults about having sex with the mother of someone or with beasts or whatever sick stuff but when I mention cancer you all flip out.

Maybe you lost someone from that diseas, am I responsible? Did I cause it because I wrote that one sentence while I was angry??? YOu people and many of your regulars talk a lot of buruburu and no one is complaining because people dont take it serious but when I write that stupid nonesense you all rage out. I just cant understand whats wrong with you.
AW: A question

@ mac you say insulting is ok but what I did went too far. what do you think that statement was supposed to be? it was an insult nothing more. thats how people insult each other here in Berlin Ghetto. If you tell this to someone here he wont flip out like you guys. but if you would tell him the stuff you people sometimes say about being homosexuell or having intercourse with the wife/mother whatever, thats when people go crazy and maybe you get stabbed for something like that if you tell it to the wrong person.

whatever its aid that you people overreact like this. I didnt harm nobody, try to act according to ingame rules everytimeI play and try to enforce them with warnings and reports to the forum and now you just plain ban me for this. thats nothing but unfair!

I hope thats not kind of Islamophobic tendency coming out now. that you just waited for a reason to get rid of me.
Dont you dare bring religion into the arguement or accuse any of my fellow members of Islamophobia - you messed up and you STILL can't see what you did was wrong. I personally dont want to see you on our servers with that sort of attitude.
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