A ... Project :D

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New Member
23 Jun 2013

I'va got a good idea :D

Make a film on BF3 to promote the NRU Servers

I can use Fraps to record and we can planify a training to prepare a the video with teamspeak .

Idea to develop

Sorry for my bad English :)

See you later on the servers.

Think Mari is right m8, hate to break up your hopes but results in the past have proven its very difficult to get people together on a set time.
Many have tried and failed I'm afraid
Re : A ... Project :D

Hi Loeft,

I've been work on a project which was released on Youtube but but that is no longer be because a Chinese was Hack the YT Account and delete the Video.

I think we can ask the NRU Friends to do this.

I'm thinking how to make this project with you
Lalaelo and Andy are keen movie makers especially if you can hav C4 in it ;)

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