A couple of orangy pics!

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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Was looking for a couple of pictures and found these two which I thought were rather nice. The wren was taken on the garden fence one morning and the Forth Rail Bridge was taken when walking across the Forth Road Bridge just after they had completed the repair work and had taken down all the scaffolding. A friend had wanted a picture of it that would fit into their living room which is why the colours were tweaked a little to suit. Ended up on a 1.5m canvas.


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I really like this special kind of orange tint, as it adds much warmth to the pictures and softens the whole scenery.
From an aesthetic point of view the contrast between this vibrant colour and the objects shown is very effective, for they, in return, emphasize its natural brightness.
Thus, the colours look more vivid, which makes the images themselves visually very appealing.

Thank you very much for sharing, Glen. :)
If we ever need a = NRU= Ambassador /Ambassadress, it should be the Lady...just saying :)
Thanks. The bird photo was done pretty much as is. The bridge was tweaked for my friend as he wanted that colour combination. The version he got was also without the clouds too!

Like art, the final picture is very much down to personal taste. I know some folk will look at the bridge and think it is awful and others will really like it. If you take a photo or paint something you have to accept that. Someone saying they don't like it is fine and I would rather that and then be able to ask them why and learn from that. Someone saying that is crap I would just ignore as that isn't constructive.

Painters can be creative with what they see and adjust and remove details using different brush strokes or materials. Photography is different in that you have to take an image of what is there. You can move your position, raise or lower the camera, use different lenses but you have to work with what is in front of you. Time of day affects the light, shadows and so on as does the weather. Obviously you photoshop the image to get a style or look you want but most of the work should be done in camera.

Anyway, 1 out of focus picture is a mistake, 20 out of focus pictures is a style! Can't remember who said that.
If we ever need a = NRU= Ambassador /Ambassadress, it should be the Lady...just saying :)

Aaaaw... that is really very kind of you.

... I'm always ready to do my duty. :)

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