5 Years - In Memoriam Of Dave 23/9/1962 - 18/4/2012

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Friend of the NRU
2 May 2012
Dear clan members and friends, I would like to start this commemoration thread with a quotation from the film “The Return of the King” (Lord of the Rings):

“There are some things time cannot mend.
Some hurts that go too deep... that have taken hold.”

Today I am going to go back in time: Five years ago today our clan friend Dave (NUZ001) passed away at the age of 49.
I am fully aware of the fact that many of you don’t know him but I deem it necessary to keep the memory of him alive.
In our rapidly changing world more and more people seem less prepared to commit themselves to anything or anyone on a long-term basis.
With this clan, it’s different - we care for each other.

That is the reason why I would like to invite you all to pause for a moment in order to commemorate our admin Dave from the United States.
I still remember his kindness, his sense of humour and of justice as well as his team spirit.
Some of you will recall his “TOW sessions” in ‘Midnight Sun’ or our epic tank battles in ‘Highway Tampa’ (Battlefield 2).

Memories of good people are precious and this is my way to hold on to them.

The story of your clan has many distinct intertwining threads that piece together this unique microcosm called ‘Noobs ‘R Us’.
Our part of the NRU story will go on.
Some of us, however, won’t never forget the chapters that were written by Dave.
5 years... holy crap. time really flies. good memories in this time and last periode of BF2 and how sudden and shocking we got the message of his dead. always remembering at dave as a friendly and nice guy. i know this good, because in this later periode of bf2 i was mostly sitting in bf2 console and every morning i tried to solve or lift the bans from the past night. 10 of them like "banned for being a smart ass funny and your mom looks like your dad" ;) never had such from dave (y):D

so RIP dave.
I remember that it was you, Mr. X, who informed us that night while we were playing on our No Fly Server.
These shocking news were hard to believe.
And so it is now: I can’t believe it’s been so long since he passed away.

And sometimes I have moments I remember times on the good old No Fly with the bunch of good players and online friends and NUZ was definitaly one of them! RIP Dave

Well said, mate, I remember these times very well, not only the times but also some players who became online friends.

My thoughts go out to Dave's family.
Whether you knew him or not - your heartfelt sympathy messages are really very touching, I appreciate it very much.
Thank you all so much for your kind words and for sharing in our memories of Dave.

As I once said: He is gone but not forgotten.
thx to Mr Steffos who made me aware of this thread , I'm here now.

I played many many hours with Dave but also talked to him on teamspeak a lot, bout his wife, his kids and his job (wich he questioned a lot, he was in the army) .

That day I was thinking : 'Damn, he's long away from keyboard, that is not at all like him. He used to stay several days AFK to be with his family or work of course." Many questions going through my head as he became a very good friend...not an hour later Lady Musketeer informed me of his passing...
I was devastated...(we all were)

Never met a person like him ; kind, gentle, smart, good with words in a special way
the kind of friend anyone wants (and many where his friends)
Still miss him and the good times on BF2 we all had with him.
And I'm glad he is not forgotten.

Many many thx to Our Beloved Lady for this beautifull memories of him and starting this thread.
She is like our memorybank and is very good at it !!!
dayum it Hurts to remember but we should always remember, lest we forget.
Nuz along with PJAY and Threesix was the Guys WHO got me into the Clan ages back.
He was an awsome guy to game with and a buddy to ppl when they needed it,

Cheers for the memorandum Lady.

RIP mate we aint gonna forget ya tow hugging ass ...
if it werent for you, i wouldnt be in the Clan...
--- Post updated ---

thx to Mr Steffos who made me aware of this thread , I'm here now.

I played many many hours with Dave but also talked to him on teamspeak a lot, bout his wife, his kids and his job (wich he questioned a lot, he was in the army) .

ya i know what ya mean mate, he was a hoot to be on ts with....
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It’s rather difficult for me to find the appropriate words, as I am overjoyed to read your messages, so please just let me thank you.
Scatha and Fortuna - thank you with all my heart.

Having shared our memories back then and to share them now is a soothing experience which helps to keep Dave’s memory alive.

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