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NRU Heed
i got 444444km with my actual car today. at a gift he got 80l diesel today lol 444444

during a trafic jam i had time for a bit brainstorming so i calculated my diesel cost, ok costs of my company lol, i had in this time i drove this.

7,7 liter = 100 km
34222 liter = 444444 km

cost of 1 liter ~ 1,30 €
costs of 34222 liter = 44488.- € :???:

also this 34222 liter is nearly a hole fuel truck i consumed.

Ein man tga 18400 mit 42898
276,164 miles! So you were driving when you took the photo? Tut tut! :D

How many more should you get out of it?
It may last quite a few more km but I think you may have to change sooner than you think.... :D


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