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15 Mar 2012
Again there's a few movies i'm looking forward to..

yet to see these:

Iron man 3 - goes back to roots, has had good reviews, not as bad as the second one.
Pacific Rim - destruction with giant monsters and robots.
Oblivion - good looking scifi movie.
After Earth - another good looking scifi movie.
Man of Steel - I hope they did a good superman movie.
Evil dead - if it's as good as the remake dawn of the dead it'll be a nice watch.
Lone Ranger - wild west hero with a twist of humour. one to watch with wife. lol.

What do you look forward to, moviewise?

Iron man 3, was OK, not taking itself too serious and a good laugh at times.

Looking forward too:
Man of Steel, ATM my most anticipated movie, think the trailers are great and with the Batman series in mind I think it will be awesome.
Evil dead, GF says its a must see so what choice do I have lol.
Lone ranger, deff one to see I think, should be another great freak performance by Johnny Depp
The Hobbit, second part. Just be cause I'm a sucker for these series like LOTR
next will be:

- iron man 3
- star trek "into darkness"

but your movies sound not bad too.

expect the hobbit. bought the blueray last week because some of my mates told me "such a great movie". fuck, i was watching nearly 3 hours of mostly boring shit to see its ends up "without end" and i have to buy part 2 and 3 to see how its end. about that i decided they can bite me and i really not buying the next parts. same crap as lord of the rings. put all movies together in a 2-3 hours movie and you would get a really nice and epic movie but not this drawn into lenght to rip off your money shit.
Yeah I will watch the Star Trek in cinema.
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You guys seen this up and coming trailer yet looks good...
Same director as district 9 if you seen that :D

AW: 2013 movies

Yes Andy I am also looking forward to elysium. Not too much into Science-Fictin, but I like apocalyptic movies :)
AW: 2013 movies

I cant await all this good Movies:

Oblivion was great
Iron Man 3 <-----did i look at Theaters at 8th May i loooove Robert D. Jr. in Iron Man its absolute funny guy
Star Trek <---- iam after Star Wars a absolute Star Trek Fan and i have nearly every Movie and Episode :D
Thor 2 <--- wanna see
after Earth <----with the Smith Famaly well let us see what happend preview looks fine
Superman <----- i hope thats this move had more power how the last !!!
Hobbit <--------- For that Movie need i a another wife its to long for her -.- she dont like it and i looove all this Movies well i think i enjoy it at my home Cinema :D
i disliked the star trek movie, even though a big trekkie. so i'm not so excited about the sequel to the new one.
Elysium should be another to look forward to.
thor 2, not so sure..
Was as well disappointed in the ending of hobbit 1. but i guess there will be less walking, strolling, hiking etc in the second one.
AW: 2013 movies

well the trailer from Elysium looks fine i hope that i can see more :D
Elysium looks nice, that's the movie that worth my money for a movie theater :)
AW: 2013 movies

Well yesterday evening did i have seen Iron Man 3 ----> i dont know but it was not that what i expected to see. it was more a Psychological Study about patient anxiety, more how Iron Man
* The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - of course
* 300: Rise of An Empire - maybe
* Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - maybe
* Kick-Ass 2 - maybe
* Monsters University - just love the Pixar films
* More BF 4 trailers ;-)
I really can't wait to see The hunger games catching fire.I loved the books and the first movie.
I also can't wait for World War Z and again the book was real good read as well. Both books come highly suggested from Me
i really liked the first 2 iron man movies. really looking forward to see tony and his secretary again :)

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