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  1. Cockaparte

    [Guide] [BF4] Patch notes - server settings updates

    Hello, Due to all the little, sometimes important modifications that we make on the server here and there but that everyone does not notice, and so to make these information easily accessible and traceable for all our players, will be listed here the updates of the server settings which it is...
  2. Willibaldgamer

    High Ping

    Hm............ Why I am not able to join on this Servers :D
  3. Antonioikki

    Bf4 Fps Drops On Server

    Hi all, im new at the forum, i doed the presentation, and this is my problem: Only on your server, the Frames drops from 60 to 15 for a few seconds randomly, only on your server, i got an 1060 and a i5 whit 16 GB DDR3, the PC isnt the problem because its only on your server, all randomly