1. glenwilson

    Ribs Nsfv (not Safe For Vegetarians)

    Generally I have vegetarian meals as Isobel is a veggie and it doesn't makes sense to cook two different things. It isn't because I can't have meat, I could if I wanted. When it comes to a Saturday night Chinese then ribs are on the menu for me. After trying various rubs and sauces which were OK...
  2. glenwilson

    Christmas Food

    I'm guessing that not every country has the same Christmas meal traditions that we in the UK have. Generally here it will be turkey, stuffing, chipolatas, veg (including sprouts) and gravy. With Isobel being a veggie having a massive turkey doesn't make any sense and whilst I don't mind it I...
  3. glenwilson

    Coffee (espresso)

    Just a quick video of making some espresso. Had this machine for a few years now. This is my second one as the first one stopped working three or so years ago. At the time, decent espresso machines were significantly more expensive than this one. It is fussy about the coffee grind though with...