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  1. I

    [BF4] hosting 8v8 cups (with prizes!) and more?

    Hello NRU community! After speaking briefly with @leandre0310 over on the Discord, I'm posting here to share a the Battlefield 4 events I'll be running until the release of Battlefield 2042 in coordination with Level Gaming. Every other week there will be a competitive daycup starting July...
  2. Its_Iceteeaa

    Video editing --- May some one know how to use Affter effects or premiere?

    HEy guys i have some nice idea but im not able to use yet adobe or premiere stuff like that are here maby some ppl who knwo how to use that stuff to put great effects ina montage? ill show u an example of a clan what i knowed ^^ <---- i LOVE this montage!!
  3. Cockaparte

    [Guide] Battlefield 4 Wiki, all maps tips

    [The content of this thread will be updated and uploaded on Noobs R Us Wiki (new secondary website) to make it easier to read] Hey there, After all this time, the “little” guide testament about maps tips I promised is finally finished. See this guide as my recognition for all these good...
  4. MattieAngerfist

    Denying RIZLOID

    Found this old clip on my computer and decided to upload it. Cheers,
  5. DarkByD3sign


    Morning all, I was just on Battlelog about to play on The Banana Republic server which shows that they have 55/64 players on and 0/4 spectators, however when you look at their scoreboard there is just 2 people on. I went into the game which had only 2 people on. Am I being stupid or missing...