1. GreenyDE

    [BF4] Ban Appeal.

    Hello Everyone, I got Banned on your Battlefield 4 Server since the 17.08.2019 for Cheating, The admin name was MenonFire187 who Banned me from the Server, Server name: NRU= Gentleman's T-Bag Club No.1/ I had a pretty good round with my Auto-Shotgun and the /NRU/ Admin MenonFire187 called me...
  2. M

    [BF4] Metro - Mguilicutty

    Hey fellas, I noticed tonight that I was banned, I'm guessing last night. It says I was baiting players to say the n word. I may have been, but I think I was just laughing at some idiots who had said the n word. I've no idea who banned me, but I can't live without metro. Please unban me, I...