1. Lord-Bonaparte

    [BF4] Noobs R Us ----- Charter of Respect ----- 2020

    For the attention of all the players who come to play on our NRU server, Due to the sadly current large number of players with a disagreeable behavior on these times, this thread was created in order to reminds and supports the essential elements mentioned by @glenwilson which you will find...
  2. edgarsmelderis12

    [BF4] Banned RESPECTforCORIZ

    Translation is: your mom die from cancer
  3. B

    [BF4] Ban Appeal Metro All Weapons/

    Was banned for "racist language" my brother joined an i said waddup nigga, didnt know you guys found nigga offensive, us blacks dont. anyways unban me please and i wont say it.

    [BF4] Keep Getting Kicked By Auto Admin For "suspicious Data/stats" Please Help.

    This is an issue with the Metro Massacre Server on BF4. My Battlelog name is Mr_GENALLIST, I've been playing on the metro server for a while now and every time I play I do pretty good, but not good enough that the server would find my stats suspicious? EVERY TIME I JOIN THE SERVER, I GET KICKED...
  5. A

    [BF4] Banappeal Or Just An Excuse

    Hi there, i was banned some times ago, for being disrespectful. I cant remember what happened, according to i allegedly was disrespectful. If thats the case, i just wanted to say that i want to excuse myself for everyone whom i did this. Sometimes in the heat of the fight it happens...