1. Witcheri

    A Finn Wants To Join!

    ahoy lads & lasses! I decided to apply since my own clan (AHMA) is dead. I only kept the tag for reasons of reminding myself of the golden age of battlefield when my friends still played. So let us begin with the application! Who am i? My name is Toni, Also mostly called "The Finn" by my...
  2. oX-Deso-Xo

    Deso's Application

    Hi! :D My name is Samuel and I am a 20 year old from sweden. I currently work as a general metal worker, making park furniture and utility stuff. Shiro_deusu wrote everything else there's to say so check his application. ;) Shiro_deusu Wants To Become Part Of Amazing Nru! If any other...
  3. Shiro_Deuse

    Shiro_deusu Wants To Become Part Of Amazing Nru!

    Alright then.. My name is Justin (ingame/origin Shiro_Deusu), and i'm 19 years old. I've played battlefield a whole lot now, to be exact 496 hours. (That's a lot :o) I want to become an NRU member because i really like this clan and the all of the members. I get along with everybody pretty...