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  1. Cockaparte

    [Guide] [BF4] Patch notes - server settings updates

    Hello, Due to all the little, sometimes important modifications that we make on the server here and there but that everyone does not notice, and so to make these information easily accessible and traceable for all our players, will be listed here the updates of the server settings which it is...
  2. GreenyDE

    [BF4] Ban Appeal.

    Hello Everyone, I got Banned on your Battlefield 4 Server since the 17.08.2019 for Cheating, The admin name was MenonFire187 who Banned me from the Server, Server name: NRU= Gentleman's T-Bag Club No.1/ I had a pretty good round with my Auto-Shotgun and the /NRU/ Admin MenonFire187 called me...