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  1. Steffos666

    Apex Legends

    So EA released another BR game finally like all the others :D But well its for free and thats all i can afford at the moment... well but honestly i have a ton of fun - fast movement and a long killtime - easy loot system (but sometimes just too simple - i cannot pack scopes into my backpack if...
  2. Steffos666

    Lunar Eclipse

    My view from yesterday ;) i dont have the right lens to fotograph the moon so i made the best out of it: PS: this is indeed cologne
  3. Steffos666


    Hi Guys :D The Overwatch open beta started today! Everybody can download it on and play it for free Did anyone of you try Overwatch today? I played two matches just now - it's brilliant It feels like good old unreal tournament 2004 and you got moba special abilities :D A lot of...
  4. Steffos666

    worest nightmares in bf4 :D

    Last days i feel a bit depressed about some shit happening to me ;) Best to deal with it is to post it here and laugh about :D What is the thing you dislike the most in the game ? (or even things) i might even post a few videos next days ;) did activate nvidia shadowplay :D it really is a...
  5. Steffos666

    ONLY in battlefield ;)

    lol its a short video but it is soooo awesome had to post it ;) this guys has a lot of awesome videos but i think this is the best for now :D
  6. Steffos666


    I just started to play Day Z standalone and i ask myself is there any cocks in our clan which already play it or are interested in the game :D For all nooobies ;) The game is about a Zombieapocalipse and you are playing one of the last survivors and you have collect food and weapons to survive...
  7. Steffos666

    hippie hippie bf4 :D

    so guys :D I thought we could all come on TS at thursday evening and could game a bit together at the first day of BF4 :D i would really appreciate that cause i never saw a lot of the nru guys on TS :D maybe we could all come out of our skypewholes and game a bit together :D greetings steffos
  8. Steffos666

    Chriss you old horse

    see what you did chriss you horse off a man ;) me first killed you 10 times in a row and then you revenge came ;) and now see what is in my stats lol i still dont know what happened in the beginning of the karkand game everythin was so easy xD and then i played like a monkey next time we...
  9. Steffos666

    Application of Steffos666

    Hi peeps, after playing a lot of bf2 with you, which was always great fun I thougt it's time to apply! 1. Real Name: Stefan Age: 19 Nationality: German ;) to be more precise Bavarian 2. Usernames Bf2: Steffos666 Bf3: Steffos999 CSS: steFFos (not often played it in the internet mainly on...
  10. Steffos666

    suspected hacks from

    BF2: Me and uncle neck cutter suspect "" to hack but no admin was online He is a low ranker but he shot us like deer! He had an impossible score of 34:4 :D please check him Im not on the server for a few days and everything is messing up or what:D I heard more complaints...
  11. Steffos666

    disappearing Hud after Alt-Tabbing

    Since I installed my bf2 on my new computer(windows8...) before half a year i always have this problem: When I get out of the game to look which cock is writing to me in skype or whatever and get back to the game my whole Hud is disappeared: I have no crosshair and Hud anymore. Does...
  12. Steffos666

    Funny BF2 Greatwall Glitch

    This evening I was playing Bf2 with a few other guys on teamspeak and look what happened :D Our commander put a car on the wall and i was able to drive with it in the air :D
  13. Steffos666


    So finally I found the NRU-Forum after more than half a year on the bf2 no fly zone server :D My name is Steffos666 in bf2 and Steffos999 in bf3. Im 19 years old and German. The games I play at the moment are a lot of bf2, less bf3 and planetside2 and some weeks in the year i play a lot of...