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  1. Riot_co

    grapes picking food for soul

    pigyyyyyy <3
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    Todays View

    todays view
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    Funny Video Section

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    My view today

    just for fun, its about 25 celsius, late sumerish no wind <3 we are doing long sleeves for evening
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    Pig loin a nature

    caught, ch8nge style :D no no, bought at butcher, seasoned at home. We did hunt before, but nowdays we never do it. Laws are getting strickter and its not fesable anymore as much. Meat wise.
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    My view today

    adriatic rizes only around a meter, so we can be right by the water
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    Pig loin a nature

    dinner time, rustic and simple. Salt, peper and hot papprika with olive oil. Yum
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    My view today

    we are off grid for weekend, but view is amazing! Back on line sunday evening
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    Hello there

    blasphemy :D
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    Change wannabe

    Got a Change wannabe on my hands :giggle::giggle::giggle:
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    Todays View

    looks like a stealth frigate all smooth <3
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    fresh honey on the way

    yes I am ready :D yes, send me the ammount via dm here on the site and adress. When I send the order we deal with money. Paypal should work no problem. Thx man! <3 :)
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    Todays View

    you took an arrow to the knee? ;)
  19. Riot_co

    fresh honey on the way

    yeah, wierd stuff pops up to the head when sleeping. You are completly right, maybe thats why I went into education, sometimes numbers spin my head around :)
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    Todays View

    <3 wow what a beautifull place to visit! Yeah Pula is really nice destination on adriactic