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  1. ParisX

    [BF4] Banned RESPECTforCORIZ

    I still can't grasp, i mean even if you are an emptyhead cunt, how can you speak so lightly about mothers ? No respect these days.
  2. ParisX

    Settings and Tips

    Plus i would like you to explain something to me if you have the time , i found this Quick CPU - CPU Core Parking and Performance Optimization which is a lightweight program kinda like an overclocking i guess but for dummies, but not real overclocking cause that i remember is hard and risky...
  3. ParisX

    Settings and Tips

    By the way mate i am curious since i did try to overclock my old tower pc once. How do you overclock something in a stage where it doesnt degrade too fast so you dont lower its life expectancy drastically but still give it enough juice to BOOST your gaming experience ?
  4. ParisX

    Settings and Tips

    Well i am not the one to talk since i never had the TOP of the range super duper machine ;p , i guess Witch can tell us for sure !
  5. ParisX

    Settings and Tips

    Isnt the i9 9900 the latest processor in the market ?
  6. ParisX

    Settings and Tips

    It seems i misread, i do too have the 1803 version Win10 Pro ( 17134.765 Build) and the game mode doesn't have an ON or OFF button anymore, so i checked in the registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\GameBar " "AllowAutoGameMode " and the value was set to "0" meaning it was globally...
  7. ParisX

    Settings and Tips

    Samoz is right guys, thank god he remembered it cause i completely forgot ! ! Actually checking now with latest Nvidia drivers the optimize for single display is gone and my power management went from adaptive to Optimal for some reason and i dont think i remember OPTIMAL being a choice...
  8. ParisX

    Settings and Tips

    For me, since my lappy is not so strong anymore and continues to degrade, i have found that some settings give me optimal performance so i never get those micro stutters and screen tears in order to be consistent. Laptop: Toshiba Qosmio X-70-A series, the last of the giants that toshiba used to...
  9. ParisX

    Wife :)

    Hahahah the car honk *beep beep beeeeep ! ! !*
  10. ParisX

    Addictions (also, show off your ride!)

    Well for one i can tell parking spaces ANYWHERE in the known universe, except where i live, are decent and neat ! ! Secondly...nice ride ;)
  11. ParisX

    Job advice

    ...and that is the sad but true position that they place you willingly or unwillingly because.., you need to work too :/
  12. ParisX

    Job advice

    I think Edgar's advice is enough mate, you cant know till you try anything for that matter. Go see by yourself and balance your options, either make something bigger there, if its worth it that is oooor just work accordigly with your pay ;) meanwhile searching for something better :D - Easy...
  13. ParisX

    Networking 101

    Ok so here is the DHCP options for both ISP and router
  14. ParisX

    Teen Exorcist And Milf Commander Logged On

    Well aside from all the awesomeness this guy is oozing :) ...for me just the fact that he is Marleys son ZIGYYYY ;p , he is more than welcome to join :D ! ! A big YES from me even if i am late and he is already a member ;p Good luck or welcome to this crazy family mate :) ! ! P.S: watch out...
  15. ParisX

    i like trains cheese and many more things ! !

    i like trains cheese and many more things ! !
  16. ParisX

    Weather in Cyprus is like a horror movie set up in the back round..except there is no rain ! !

    Weather in Cyprus is like a horror movie set up in the back round..except there is no rain ! !
  17. ParisX

    The fact that you still don't understand what you did and that you were being disrespectful to...

    The fact that you still don't understand what you did and that you were being disrespectful to me and acting like some kind of god and calling us young/kid admins, confirms that the ban was a SUCCESS :) Whether it cost's me or not it's not your business . -Elevate your communication skills, not...
  18. ParisX

    Paris'sx117 Application For Joining

    Thank you very much for your kind words all i hope i pass :) ! ! If not, i'm sure you will have a reason, but i will still keep playing in the server anyways cause a server like this doesn't get found everyday :)
  19. ParisX

    Paris'sx117 Application For Joining

    To all respected member of this clan and to whom it may concern . Good morning/afternoon or night people :) My name is Paris as you can see ! ! ( Ancient Greek name or something ;p ) I am 23 years old and i am currently studying in Greece to become a Captain on merchant vessels ( Not...