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    Todays View

    omg. Glen my friend I dont envy you , hope you get help from quick and skilled craftsmen to fix it.
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    Horseradish Vodka

    You drink it as snaps , just say prost and swallow , :)
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    Something I Found On You Tube

    And they are going to take over after us, :ROFLMAO::sick:o_O
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    Latest Trip To Norway

    Some pics from Hardangervidda national park
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    Hi All

    Hello Ben Welcome and enjoy :)
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    Long time no see. Nice :)
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    Yes I can hear you !! can you see me ?

    Yes I can hear you !! can you see me ?
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    Unexpected Visit At The Birdfeeder

    I am only 4 meters away and inside the kitchen window. The worst thing about deer is that they eat the flowers and plants I grow in the garden. So feeding them is not an option for me.
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    Unexpected Visit At The Birdfeeder

    Today we had an unexpected visit at the birdfeeder after a week with low temperatures and snow the birds got competition for the food :)
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    Happy New Year!!

    Happy new year Glen and all NRU:s all my best for 2018 :)
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    Wishing You All A Merry Christmas

    The most and the best part is already said, so I content myself by thanking and wishing all of you a Merry Christmas :)
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    Or just place one half lemon on your forehead

    Or just place one half lemon on your forehead
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    Hello People

    Hello Tom welcome , enjoy :)
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    Funny signs

    Raevpult = fucked in the as
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    Hello and welcome :)
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    Hello From Munich

    Hello Alex :) Welcome to our FrontPage,here you have the opportunity to meet all the nuts in this clan :)
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    Sorry m8 metro massacre is not our server :)
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    I´m Off

    I´m off, I go on a week's vacation in Norway to the same place (Eidfjord) Webkamera that I usually do. Hope the weather is on my side with more sun than rain. The scenery and nature are amazing in all weather but more enjoyable with sunshine
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    More Holiday Planning...

    A taste of Hurtigruten from your home favorite chair :) NRK TV - Se Hurtigruten minutt for minutt