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  1. lakaelo

    Computer troubles

  2. lakaelo

    Computer troubles

    do you tried to update punkbuster manuallly?
  3. lakaelo

    What happened so far

    just good to hear you doing better now osman. what are weeks or month, when its going to be healthy and/or a full recover. stay strong and unwavering and take your time to give your eye the time it need to heal. we could also just ban you for the next 4 weeks, so you can not play, your eyes...
  4. lakaelo

    [Event] Special sunday on our server

    They are.
  5. lakaelo

    [Event] Special sunday on our server

    thats is the serbushorty when i was right.
  6. lakaelo

    [Event] Special sunday on our server

    so next sunday is Pistol/Knife/Bow Sunday :D this weapons are diabled too: U_XM25 U_SerbuShorty U_M93R U_Glock18 all is setuped so far, virtual test is working.
  7. lakaelo

    Fun Clanwar

    lmao me too. but at least we had fun...some of us lol
  8. lakaelo

    Fun Clanwar

    I only take Part when friendly fire is on. :tbag: :blamelaka: @basti Should this start on your or at our server?
  9. lakaelo

    Todays View

    I said i will not share our secret tapes. We never talked about some friday evening pics. :oops: :tbag:
  10. lakaelo

    Todays View

    your suit is something different sam. :oops: o_O
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  12. lakaelo

    Fun Clanwar

    lol why i talk english with you in discord when you are german too? lol oh, forgot to say...i am out when it goes to plan something like that like a clan match lol
  13. lakaelo

    [BF4] #Ban Appeals

    ok, decision done. case closed.
  14. lakaelo

    Todays View

    Its a Stieglitz. Nice one.👍
  15. lakaelo

    Will you buy BF6?

    Who let you in here soul? 😂👍 :tbag:
  16. lakaelo

    Todays View

    Nice start in to the day. Short dogwalk to Burg Pyrmont just 5mins aways from home. But already 25° 🌞😳🌅
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