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  1. waxxzer

    TS down

    Seems that I cannot connect to TS server..
  2. waxxzer

    Teamspeak permissions

    Hey all, I could create a semi-permanent channel, but was unabled to delete it (called duckies). I like this funtion to create temporary channels though, as it is sometimes a little crowded in CS-channels.
  3. waxxzer

    Change announcement

    Hey girls and guys, Wanted to let you know that overtime things change at this part of the world as well. You all probably noticed that I play Battlefield only now and then. Lately I play CS:GO more. The main reason for that is also the banter we have on the gayspeak channel most of the time...
  4. waxxzer

    Asus GT640-2GD3

    Bought myself a new graphics card (finally) and now have something to give away: My former Asus GT640-2GD3 (specs here: Graphics Cards - GT640-2GD3 - ASUS). Comes with authentic Dutch Household Dust. For you info: - Does play BF2 on ultimate (does it exist:D) - BF3 on high - BF4 on low - CS-GO...
  5. waxxzer

    Enjoying the season

    Today I went for a walk at the beachside and into the dunes with my brother and son, it was a beautifull day. No wind at all, so high comfort although it was freezing. Watch the crescent moon over the dunes: In the middle you can see the high rise buildings in the center of The Hague...
  6. waxxzer

    Battlefield community test Environment

    Anybody already tried this? Need premium to be granted access. Community Test Environment Battlelog / Battlefield 4
  7. waxxzer

    Team-speak connection issues

    The last days team-speak had often very bad connection, with over 50% packets loss. That's for all parties connected. Can someone look into it?
  8. waxxzer


    Although white winter attractive as Final Stand is, I'd like to have some more maps in the rotation for variation. Any opinions?
  9. waxxzer

    Thank you

    Dear NRU-Members & friends, I could have been posting this in the members-section, where we have a section for that, but I like to post it in the open as the people I'd like to address are not all NRU-members, but also purples and whites. I have been playing games since I could walk, and have...
  10. waxxzer

    [NSFW] Lolwut Japan

    See for you self.... lol - Tieten-thuistap in Tokio
  11. waxxzer

    A peek at the office

    Hey guys, just wondered about your daily workplace, here is mine: It's actually a temporary project-room, have been working here for a year, and will be doing so for probably the next two years. It's for setting up and implementing new ERP/CRM-environment for an average of 2200 users.
  12. waxxzer

    Bots are sleeping

    Can some heed look into the bots on BF2? Currently only one, and i think that makes it difficult to fire it up..
  13. waxxzer

    Spring cleaning in autumn

    Today office network was down so decided to take a day off and return home:). Time for re-installing computer... And continue digging...
  14. waxxzer


    Dear all, I know I'm one day early... but couldn't wait any longer :) Want to apply since I love playing with you guys (and a lady). I enjoy the friendlyness of NRU and it's memers a lot. I hope you will support my application! 1. Real Name (first name) , Age and Nationality Rutger van...
  15. waxxzer

    Quiting BF2

    Dear fellow BF2-players, First, i want to adress the heeds en admins for all the work put into keeping things alive, with all the troubles that came with it. But still, have to admit for my self the good days are gone. I enjoyed all the playing hours on No-Fly, as the ambience was always good...
  16. waxxzer

    Some questions..

    Hey guys, tried to look around on several fora but I have some questions regarding BF2 Launcher. - I try not to use the launcher, as it seems to fiddle with graphic settings resulting in black artifacts spinning in circles, anyone else had this issue and now how to resolve this? - As I dont use...
  17. waxxzer

    Listed charity?

    I wondered if NRU is a listed charity, so i can get tax deduction? For the sake of keeping people at home with alibi and all.:D
  18. waxxzer

    The Netherlands (Holland for the uneducated)...

    Beside gaming, i like strolling around. This is in Zuiderpark, City of The Hague. Also know for largest free festival Parkpop. This is my own Central Park. I need to work on the shrubs twice a year. To freaking hot for sun bathing and BBQ's. That's why I like the Zuiderpark more. This is an...
  19. waxxzer


    Hi Guys, Glad to see that we're still able to play BF2! I'd like to introduce myself; Rutger , 34, from the Netherlands, father of two, working as a quality manager at a global operating company. From all servers still up, I play on NRU most of the time. As i like BF2 more then 3/4 i would...