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    You've got a true one, mine is a fake :). Beauty!
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    Give me that cake fatboy! you dont need it!
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    This is our female Noor. Collie kind of breed. Will cuddle the burglar kind of dog, but she's so lovely. I travel a lot for work and after a few days I get this military been a way for some time kind of greetings then.
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    Job advice

    That was a nice start of your biography Glen! Nice to read, we should start a thread about: Members and thier lives. Now back to the topic starter. As I travel Europe quit a bit over the last two years it's so crazy to see how worker laws and benfits differ from place to place, even within...
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    Hello guys

    Hi and welcome! Think with 50 you meet this mancaves average pretty close :)
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    Thinking About The Future And A Bf1 Server

    To be honest.. Ill wait a bit till prices drop to a more reasonable level. Starterpack is already 60E, ultimate 130E what in the end you would spend either way if new maps are going in to rotation. You might take this into consideration.. if peeps dont have the money to pay for the game, they...
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    Wie gehts dort? Time to show your self once more mate!

    Wie gehts dort? Time to show your self once more mate!
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    Wake up Bondgirl. Havent been seeing you for a while. I play BF4 again now and then. So get your...

    Wake up Bondgirl. Havent been seeing you for a while. I play BF4 again now and then. So get your ass over there
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    Chris! Congratulations mate!

    Chris! Congratulations mate!
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry christmas everyone!
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    TS down

    It's running again :)
  12. waxxzer

    TS down

    Thanks. It goes on and off :(
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    TS down

    Seems that I cannot connect to TS server..
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    New addition to the family :)

    Nice picture of the Willemsbrug (Wilhelms Brücke / Williams Bridge) as well. Did you know it's some kind of pink coloured? It's good to see a german admiring dutch things LOL
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    =NRU= Logo Stolen By Another Clan!

    Heik involved? [email protected] lol
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    Teamspeak permissions

    And a lot off connection issues on the outgoing connection, so we all sound like robots (while only two users are on).
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    Teamspeak permissions

    Hey all, I could create a semi-permanent channel, but was unabled to delete it (called duckies). I like this funtion to create temporary channels though, as it is sometimes a little crowded in CS-channels.
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    Change announcement

    Hey girls and guys, Wanted to let you know that overtime things change at this part of the world as well. You all probably noticed that I play Battlefield only now and then. Lately I play CS:GO more. The main reason for that is also the banter we have on the gayspeak channel most of the time...
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    Missing in action

    Hi Lady, According BF3 battlelog he lastly played in january. Couldn't tell more :(
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    Asus GT640-2GD3

    I have sold this item today!